AvaLee by Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Paddle

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Weight: Standard
Color: Arizona Sun
AvaLee by Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Pickleball Paddle

The AvaLee by Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Paddle is made from the finest materials and is very control oriented. It uses the latest pickleball paddle technologies to help you make accurate shots and win points. The wide hitting surface is made entirely of carbon fiber to limit vibration and provide consistent ball performance across the entire hitting surface. The coating on this carbon fiber surface is Selkirk's Pro-Spin Texture, which provides reliable spin and lasts longer than painted-on surface textures.

If you take a closer look at the AvaLee VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Paddle, you'll notice that the dimensions are the same as the classic VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Hybrid Paddle, with an overall length of 40 cm and a 13.3 cm handle. Available in Standard (Ø weight 225 g) and Lightweight (Ø weight 214 g).

Designed by women for women, the AvaLee VANGUARD 2.0 Epic Paddle from Selkirk uses a modern shape and premium materials to improve control and confidence in your game.

Standard Lightweight
Ø Weight: 225 g 214 g
Paddle length: 40 cm 40 cm
Paddle width: 20.32 cm 20.32 cm
Handle length 13.33 cm 13.33 cm
Handle circumference 10.16 cm 10.16 cm


Delivery time for certain colors: 1 - 2 weeks