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by Selkirk

AvaLee by Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 Paddle

CHF 170.00
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AvaLee by Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 Pickleball Paddle

The AvaLee VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 paddle was designed "by women, for women" to bring more reach, power and confidence to your game. This long paddle boasts a combination of a Pro-Spin texture on a "QuadCarbon" carbon fiber face and an X5 Honeycomb poly core to limit vibration, increase spin and improve consistency across the face (even if you miss). The result is a paddle that helps you hit powerful winners, place strategic two-handed backhand shots, and reach overhead putaways with ease.

Technically, the AvaLee VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 paddle features the same dimensions, materials and manufacturing techniques as the popular Selkirk VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6, but is only available with a thin grip option. This means that the 1.6 cm thick core, 15 cm long handle and 18.7 cm width are combined in a proven way to give you excellent range, exceptional vibration dampening and a high sweet spot.

The AvaLee VANGUARD 2.0 Mach6 Carbon Fiber Paddle from Selkirk leverages the extensive knowledge of Selkirk Sport and its namesake paddle model to help advanced players take their game to the next level.

Standard Lightweight
Ø Weight: 228 g 212 g
Paddle length: 42 cm 42 cm
Paddle width: 18.73 cm 18.73 cm
Handle length 15 cm 15 cm
Handle circumference 10.16 cm 10.16 cm


Delivery time for certain colors: 1 - 2 weeks