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In 2010, Paddletek introduced a completely new way of manufacturing pickleball paddles and also set a new standard for quality. Paddletek rode this success to become the largest manufacturer of pickleball paddles in the United States. In 2019, they launched the "New Era of Paddletek." Paddletek offers an amazing five-year warranty against dead spots on their paddles. Paddletek pickleball paddles are constructed with a proprietary ProPolyCore. This core protects against core breakdown that leads to dead spots. Paddletek also says this core dampens vibrations, making these paddles ideal for people with joint problems in their hands and arms. The core and other technological innovations help make these paddles considered legal or "in the green" in communities with noise restrictions on pickleball paddles. New innovations for 2019 include Smart Response Technology, Torsional Vibration Control and Grip Vibration Dampening.

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