Pickleball Angebote für Schulen

What is pickleball? A guide for beginners.

You have recently started playing pickleball or want to start soon, and now your friends are asking questions such as: What is pickleball? Why is it so popular? What equipment do you need? How do you play pickleball? How do you get started?

Here's some information to help you learn more about this increasingly popular worldwide paddle sport of fun, socializing and friendship.

The rules are simple and the game is easy to learn for beginners, but can develop into a fast, furious and competitive game for experienced players.

Now that you can answer the question "What is pickleball?", how do you start?

Now you can answer your friends' questions, such as "What is pickleball?". You know the reasons why pickleball is so popular, the equipment needed and the basic rules and scoring, so grab your friends now and go play pickleball! Don't forget to contact us to find out more about Pickleball.