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The CRBN Pickleball Story: Pioneering an outstanding game.

In the world of pickleball, where precision meets power, one brand has quickly risen to the top, capturing the hearts of seasoned pros and avid amateurs alike. CRBN Pickleball Paddles was founded in the midst of the global pandemic in 2020, and has made a name for itself for producing high-performance carbon paddles that redefine the game. This is the remarkable story of CRBN Pickleball, a brand that has turned adversity into innovation.

A pandemic pivot: from job loss to pickleball passion.

The story begins with Garrett Gosselin, the visionary behind CRBN Pickleball. In 2020, as the world struggled with the COVID-19 pandemic, Garrett lost his job. Amidst this uncertainty, he discovered pickleball - a sport that became his obsession and ultimately the catalyst for his entrepreneurial journey.

Garrett's newfound passion for pickleball led him to spend five hours a day, seven days a week, perfecting his game. As he quickly progressed and competed in tournaments, he teamed up with his doubles partner, Ryan, who planted the seed for an idea that would change their lives: "We should make our own pickleball paddle. We can do better - we know exactly what we want and need."

With the unwavering determination typical of entrepreneurs, Garrett and Ryan wasted no time. Within three weeks, they had prototypes of their dream paddles in hand. These paddles had a carbon fiber surface and were carefully engineered to improve play.

The Birth of CRBN Pickleball: Love at First Sight

When Garrett and Ryan received their custom paddles, they experienced what can only be described as "love at first sight." Their newfound equipment transformed them into unstoppable forces on the pickleball courts and caught the attention of other players. The blend of control and power offered by CRBN paddles was something others wanted to take advantage of as well, and quickly expressed a desire to own one themselves.

Originally, Garrett had no intention of starting a business; the paddles were intended for personal use. However, the overwhelming demand from the local pickleball community sparked an "aha" moment. It became clear that CRBN Pickleball had an opportunity to thrive as a brand. Garrett teamed up with an experienced entrepreneur in the pickleball industry and a childhood friend who was an engineer, laying the foundation for their burgeoning company.

Excellence: The secret to CRBN pickleball paddles.

What sets CRBN paddles apart from the competition is their meticulous craftsmanship and use of premium T-700 carbon fiber. This premium material sets CRBN apart from other paddle companies that don't place as much emphasis on quality in their materials.

T-700 carbon fiber has unique properties that contribute to the exceptional performance of CRBN paddles. It has impressive tensile strength and durability that allows the paddles to withstand the toughest playing conditions. The malleability of T-700 allows the paddle to flex on contact, absorbing energy and increasing spin. CRBN's grainy T-700 surface excels in categories such as control, spin and power, outperforming fiberglass, graphite and other materials commonly used in paddle construction.

Looking ahead: CRBN's passion for pickleball.

As CRBN Pickleball continues its journey, it remains true to its roots as a scrappy and agile company driven by a deep love for the game and the pickleball community. Garrett and his team are committed to delivering the best products that feature the use of the finest materials, impeccable craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

In a world where pickleball paddles are more than just equipment, CRBN Pickleball has become a symbol of excellence, setting new standards for what players can achieve on the court. With their unwavering passion and commitment to the game, CRBN Pickleball is poised to make a lasting impact on the world of pickleball by producing paddles that enable players to reach new heights in their pursuit of excellence.

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