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Opening of a pickleball court at the tennis club Neufeld Bern

A new game conquers the hearts of sports enthusiasts in Bern

After a long-awaited three-year construction period, the Neufeld Tennis Club in Bern has finally opened its doors and shines in new splendor. The facility, which now offers six tennis courts, a pickleball court and a padel court, attracts not only tennis enthusiasts but also those interested in up-and-coming racquet sports. The grand opening on August 12, 2023 was a memorable event that thrilled both pickleball and tennis fans alike.

A Racket Sport for Everyone: Pickleball Conquers Bern

The Neufeld Tennis Club has introduced an exciting new addition to the Swiss sports landscape with the addition of a pickleball court. Pickleball, a hybrid of tennis, table tennis and badminton, is growing in popularity worldwide, and Bern residents now have the opportunity to fall in love with this up-and-coming racquet sport. The combination of fast rallies, precise hitting technique and a dash of strategy has already captivated numerous athletes. The new pickleball court at the Neufeld Tennis Club offers the ideal platform to try out and master this exciting sport.

A day of sports enthusiasm: pickleball and tennis show matches

The opening ceremony on August 12, 2023 was a celebration for all sports lovers in Bern. The highlight of the day was the show matches, which included both a pickleball and a tennis show match. Spectators had the rare opportunity to be up close and personal when Martina Hingis showed her skills on the newly opened tennis court. The atmosphere was electric, and the matches inspired young and old athletes alike to try their hand with racket and ball.

Pickleball Show Match - TC Neufeld

(Images: Remo Stettler - TC Neufeld)

An exciting future for the Neufeld Tennis Club

The opening of the pickleball court at the Neufeld Tennis Club in Bern marks an exciting step into the future of club sports. The integration of pickleball and padel at the facility demonstrates the club's willingness to embrace new sports trends and offer a diverse range of activities to its members. The opening ceremony with the show matches further fueled the enthusiasm for these sports and promises a promising future for the club and its members. Whether you are a tennis pro, a pickleball beginner or a curious spectator, the Neufeld Tennis Club now offers something for everyone and invites you to experience the joy of racquet sports in all its facets.

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