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Perfect your pickleball volleys: tips on paddle area and follow-through.

To perfect your pickleball volleys, you need to focus on your clubface and swing through. There are two main types of volleys: block volleys and punch or swing volleys. Block volleys are defensive shots that aim to return the ball gently to the non-volley zone/kitchen, while punch or swing volleys are aggressive attacking shots aimed at the opponent.

Several key factors contribute to successful volleys:

Athletic and balanced posture.

Start in an active position with knees bent, weight on the balls of your feet and the paddle in front of you. Maintain balance throughout the volley without bending or compromising stability.

Loose grip pressure

Use a relatively loose paddle grip to get a better feel for the ball. A tight grip can cause the ball to be hit too hard or in the wrong direction.

Open paddle face

Pay attention to the angle of the hitting surface at the point of contact. Keep the hitting surface open or slightly tilted down so you can control the trajectory and direction of the volley. An open face creates backspin and keeps the ball low over the net.

Solid forward contact

Make sure you make clean, solid contact with the sweet spot of your pickleball paddle. Touch the ball in front of your body and bend your arm slightly for power and control.

Controlled follow through

After making contact with the ball, execute a smooth and controlled follow through. Avoid excessive or aggressive movements to maintain balance, stability and control. Aim the follow through at your target to increase accuracy.

It is important to match the angle of your paddle blade to the type of volley. For a soft drop volley, keep the clubface more open, while a punch volley with more power may require a slightly less open clubface.

Consistently practicing these volley elements will develop muscle memory that will improve your technique and allow for greater consistency, control and accuracy when hitting volleys on the pickleball court.

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