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Pickleball enthusiasm in Winterthur

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and sporting enthusiasm at the glittering open day to mark the inauguration of the new "Kubus" building and the 5th anniversary of the Win4 - Sports Center in Winterthur. Numerous interested parties flocked to the site to gain an insight into the wide range of sports and training opportunities offered by this modern sports and training center in the Eulach city.

One of the many attractions of the day was undoubtedly the introduction to the up-and-coming sport of pickleball. The Winterthur Sports Office had marked out a playing field on the open-air grounds. Pickleball instructor Dominik Kuhn from PICKLEBALL CORNER introduced the curious visitors to the basics of this fascinating sport. Pickleball, a mixture of tennis, table tennis and badminton, is capturing the hearts of sports enthusiasts worldwide, and visitors to the Win4 Sports Center had the opportunity to experience this exciting sport first-hand.

The enthusiasm of the young sports talents Nico and Yannick was also particularly impressive. The two showed not only their exceptional talent for the sport of pickleball, but also their passion and dedication for the world of sports in general. Their enthusiasm also infected other visitors and inspired them to get even more involved with sports and exercise.