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Pickleball Corner as a guest on the TV channel Tele Top

The popular sport of pickleball is also attracting increasing interest in the city and region of Winterthur. This also made the sports reporters of the regional TV station Tele Top curious. At the Sportpark Deutweg in Winterthur, Pickleball Corner founder Dominik Kuhn and his team presented the rules of the game and the ideal sports equipment for pickleball to the Tele Top TV audience.

On site, the pickleball equipment, with the Pickleball Corner Impact Pro Paddle including pickleball net and matching pickleballs, can be rented for free at BoxUp-Sportboxen.

Readers of the Pickleball blog can check out the Tele Top post here.

As always, if you have any further questions about pickleball, don't hesitate to contact our Pickleball Corner experts at

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