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Pickleball is the official sport of the state of Washington

Washington State recently made history by declaring pickleball its official sport. Pickleball, a game invented in 1965 in the backyard of Joel Pritchard, Bill Bell and Barney McCallum in Bainbridge Island, has deep roots in Washington State. The game has spread throughout the world and is currently the fastest growing sport with millions of players worldwide. This statement highlights Washington's contribution to the development of the game, including the development of the first pickleball paddles, balls and net systems.

Barney McCallum, one of the game's inventors, used his jigsaw to saw the first plywood bats, and as demand grew, he founded the first pickleball company, Pickleball Inc. He invented the "Dura Pickleball," a durable ball that is still a leader, as well as the first pickleball nets and portable net systems. In addition, Washington State hosted the first pickleball tournaments, the first "national" tournament, and the first pickleball corporate sponsors, Vlasic Foods and Budweiser Beer, were in Washington State for events.

Washington State is currently home to three pickleball manufacturers, the world's largest pickleball e-commerce store,, and the world's largest pickleball tournament software and event planning website,

The declaration is the result of the efforts of Kate Van Gent, who took the initiative to make pickleball Washington's official sport, and the passionate pickleball players in Washington state who expressed their support. This declaration cements Washington's place in the history of pickleball and recognizes the state's contribution to the development of the game.

In conclusion, the declaration of pickleball as Washington's official sport underscores the state's deep roots in the development of the game and its contribution to its growth. Pickleball is now a worldwide sport with millions of players, and this declaration will undoubtedly draw more attention to the game's origins in Washington State.

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