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Pickleball moves into the focus of Swiss news portals

Pickleball may be a new sport in Switzerland, but it is gaining recognition and attention in Swiss online news portals. It is exciting to see that the media is taking notice of this fast growing sport.

Recently, a Swiss news portal published an article about pickleball. The article was titled "Tennis was yesterday - this is the latest hypesport from the USA." The title shows that pickleball could be the next big thing in racquet sports and that it is worth paying attention to. However, it will take a lot to overtake tennis.

Back in October 2022, the Bund wrote the article "This slow-motion sport is growing rapidly and attracting celebrities." This title underscores the growing popularity of pickleball in Switzerland, which is even attracting well-known celebrities. It also highlights the uniqueness of the sport, as pickleball is often described as a combination of tennis, badminton and table tennis.

Both articles reflect the positive and exciting nature of the sport and help to increase awareness and interest in pickleball among the Swiss population. The fact that Swiss news portals are writing about pickleball is a testament to the growing interest and importance of the sport in Switzerland.

It is great to see that pickleball is becoming more popular in Switzerland, even though it is still a small sport. With the help of media coverage and the involvement of local players, the sport has the potential to become better known. In summary, recent articles on pickleball by Swiss online news portals show that the sport is gaining momentum in Switzerland. It is an exciting time for the sport in Switzerland, and it will be interesting to see how pickleball develops in the coming years.

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