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Table tennis brand JOOLA focuses on Pickleball and cooperates with Ben Johns!

JOOLA, one of the world's leading table tennis brands, has entered the world of pickleball in April 2022. The brand, which has sponsored countless international table tennis players and events at the highest level, has now partnered with the world's best pickleball player, Ben Johns, to develop a complete line of equipment. The company's leadership team already plays pickleball extensively. Members play 4-5 times a week before work, during lunch and after work.

Ben Johns, who grew up in Maryland near JOOLA headquarters and played table tennis in a JOOLA-sponsored club, was instrumental in the development of the brand's new pickleball equipment line. His involvement in the development of the line has been described as incredible, with a focus on innovation and better play. The line includes the Ben Johns Hyperion Series and is available at Pickleball Corner.

(Image: Ben Johns, JOOLA website)

JOOLA hopes to leverage its global reach and decades of experience in table tennis product development to promote pickleball worldwide. With such an exceptional player partnership, the brand believes the future of pickleball is one step closer. JOOLA's strong focus on building community relationships and addressing athlete needs is paramount to the brand's story, and Ben Johns is thrilled to be a part of it.

Buy any of JOOLA's pickleball products now at Pickleball Corner.

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