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Top pickleball paddles for power

Some players just can't resist the power game. You have to love the feeling of taking control of a point with a third stroke, sinking a ball with a passing shot, or best of all, landing a smash! If you're a power player, look for paddles with the following characteristics: an elongated shape, a fiberglass face, a long handle, and a thin core. Paddles with these characteristics usually return more energy to the ball and increase the speed at which the ball flies back to your opponent.

ONIX Evoke Premier Composite Pickleball Paddle

This paddle was designed in collaboration with pros Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright to ensure reliable response. The Atomic13 edge guard is slimmer than most other models and serves to reduce shock while increasing speed. A coating on the hitting surface provides a lower impact feel and increases responsiveness.

Selkrik VANGUARD Power Air Invikta Pickleball Paddle

When Selkirk launched its Power Air paddles, everyone was excited to see if they lived up to their name. They did and more! This is the most powerful paddle Selkirk has brought to the mass market to date. With a hybrid blend of glass and carbon fibers, this paddle offers pop and responsiveness. The elongated shape of the Invikta gives it the most power in the Power Air series.


Technically, any paddle can be a power paddle if you play with enough power, but these are great options if you want to enjoy the same kick while conserving energy. Shop all power paddles at Pickleball Corner.

Not sure which paddle to buy or want to learn more about a specific paddle? Email us at or read our paddle guide. Nothing makes us happier than helping you find a paddle that fits your game.


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