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What are the advantages of pickleball compared to tennis?

The roots of the game of tennis go back to the Middle Ages. It has been popular for centuries and probably always will be. Still, pickleball offers some advantages over tennis that may be the reason for its recent surge in popularity.

Accessibility for beginners

People playing tennis for the first time may struggle with some aspects of the game, such as the complicated scoring system and serve. The simpler scoring system of pickleball can be easier to understand and learn. The underhand serve is also easier for beginners to learn. If you have experience with bowling, you should be able to easily learn the underhand serve of pickleball, as it involves a similar motion.

Low stress on the joints

High-impact sports like tennis can put a lot of stress on the cartilage in the joints of the lower extremities, especially the knee. Over time, this can lead to wear and tear of the cartilage, resulting in osteoarthritis. Pickleball is considered a lower impact sport than tennis. Pickleball is recommended for older people who are more prone to osteoarthritis due to cartilage wear, as a way to stay active without causing further damage to their joints. The aging of baby boomers may be partly responsible for the sudden rise in popularity.

Suitable for intergenerational play

Although the older population may be responsible for the rise in Pickleball's popularity, the game's popularity has also increased among younger generations. Because the game is accessible to beginners and puts little stress on joints, it is a good family activity that parents and children or grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy together.

After seeing the differences between pickleball and tennis, do you feel like giving pickleball a try? Click here and find out where to play pickleball in Switzerland.

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