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How high is a pickleball net?

The pickleball net is 86cm (34 inches) high in the center of the court and 91cm (36 inches) high on each sideline.

Similar to tennis, the pickleball net is different heights in the center of the court and on the sidelines. Therefore, it is advantageous to hit the ball in the middle of the court because it can then be played lower. Hitting it on the sidelines adds an extra level of difficulty and a higher net.

How wide is a pickleball net?

The pickleball net is 6.70m (22 feet) wide. It extends 30.50 (1foot) beyond each sideline on each side. This is an important part of the game because the ball does not have to be played over the net. Players can hit the ball around the net post. This shot is known as the "ATP." The net extending over the sideline makes this more difficult and impressive when it is successful.

Most permanent nets have a crank on one of the posts to raise and lower the net. There is no harm in being the one with a tape measure in your pocket and adjusting the net before a game. Net straps are also a quick way to adjust the net height before a game. They usually have Velcro and can be tightened to lower the net height or loosened to raise the net.

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