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Where can you play Pickleball in Switzerland?

Pickleball is an emerging sport that has gained increasing popularity in recent years. The fascination with this sport lies in its combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, making it suitable for players of all ages. However, the question that many people ask is: where can you play Pickleball?

The good news is that Pickleball can be played on any tennis court or badminton court. Depending on whether you are playing on a tennis court or badminton court, lines will need to be drawn or the net lowered. For those who are new to playing Pickleball, it's important to know that the court is 6.10 meters wide and 13.40 meters long. The net should be 91 cm high in the middle, and on each side of the net, there should be a zone marked called the Kitchen where players are not allowed to volley.

In addition to public courts, there are now two Pickleball clubs in Switzerland where you can play regularly. The first Pickleball club in Switzerland is the Pickleball Verein Schweiz, where you can play every Wednesday and Saturday in Hettlingen. Here, you can play with other Pickleball enthusiasts and get tips and tricks from experienced players.

The second club, the Pickleball-Club Küsnacht Zumikon, plays on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday afternoons. Here, you can also play Pickleball in a pleasant atmosphere and train with other players.

For Pickleball enthusiasts in Wetzikon and the surrounding area, Shuttlezone Wetzikon is an option. Here, badminton courts can be converted into Pickleball courts. Equipment rental is available for those who do not have their own paddles. This ensures that nothing stands in the way of the fun of playing!

Overall, it can be said that there are more and more opportunities to play Pickleball in Switzerland. Whether playing on public courts or in a club, it is always enjoyable and a good way to stay fit and meet new people.

If you haven't tried Pickleball yet, you should definitely give it a try and be inspired by this fascinating sport!

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