Diadem Warrior Carbon Fiber Paddle

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Color: Red
Diadem Warrior Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle

The Warrior Carbon Fiber Paddle from Diadem is the first paddle with a 19mm thick core, making it the thickest paddle the pickleball market has ever seen. It features a special 3-layer honeycomb that is made of impact-resistant Nomex in the middle and has a layer of vibration-dampening polypropylene on both sides. The result is excellent power and feedback with control that instills confidence in your ball placement and short game. These playing characteristics are further enhanced by the Grit Paint on the surface, which allows players to add spin to slice and cut shots almost effortlessly. Despite the imposing core thickness, this paddle does not have a large handle as it tapers at the neck and transitions into a slim 10.48cm handle.

The Warrior Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle from Diadem brings harder swings to your game without compromising your sense of control.
  • Average weight: 240.97 g
  • Length: 41.66 cm
  • Width: 19.05 cm
  • Handle length: 12.7 cm