ONIX Composite Stryker 4 Paddle

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ONIX Composite Stryker 4 Pickleball Paddle

The Stryker 4 Composite Paddle is a refreshed version of the original Stryker that maintains consistency, speed and control while giving it a stylish new look. This paddle is easy to maneuver thanks to its light weight and allows you to react quickly to unexpected strokes. The composite hitting surface is smooth at impact, reducing vibration and allowing players to return pickle balls more accurately. So your joints won't tire as quickly, and you'll be able to hit your target better!
  • Average weight: 209.8 g
  • Length: 39.37 cm
  • Width: 19.37 cm
  • Length of handle: 12.7 cm
  • Circumference of the handle: 10.16 cm