ONIX Graphit React Paddle

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Color: Black
ONIX Graphite React Paddle

The React Graphite Pickleball Paddle is packed with innovative features that challenge traditional paddle making standards. The carbon fiber graphite surface provides a strong finish while offering significant pop for incredible speed. The novel core is what sets this paddle apart from the rest. The Fusion Core is a polypropylene core with a piece of Nomex in the sweet spot. This Nomex insert is said to improve feel and control while providing the durability of polymer. This paddle features "ONIX" lettering running vertically across the face and topped with a pattern of ONIX logos. PVC edge protection ensures maximum durability.
  • Average weight: 229.6 g
  • Length: 39.37 cm
  • Width: 20.32 cm
  • Handle length: 12.38 cm
  • Handle circumference: 10.16 cm