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Pickleball Corner PC-1 Outdoor Pickleball Ball 3 pcs

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Pickleball Corner PC-1 Outdoor Pickleball Ball 3 pcs

The PC-1 Outdoor Pickleballs from Pickleball Corner are a well-balanced and durable option for outdoor play, featuring resilience that is ideal for use on rough and unforgiving courts. The balls have precision sized holes drilled into the surface to keep them flying true and consistent during play. The bright colors stand out beautifully against dark courts, no matter the weather.

The PC-1 Outdoor Pickleballs are one-piece, rotationally molded balls that feature 40 holes for increased durability. They have a smooth surface with a light imprint in the center of the balls. Their bounce height meets USAPA specifications.

The PC-1 Outdoor Pickleballs allow you to keep your eye on the ball at all times without stress or strain.