Pickleball Corner

Pickleball Corner Starter Set

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Paddle Color: Blue
Pickleball Corner Starter Set

The Pickleball Corner Starter Set is the perfect package for beginners who want everything they need for their first pickleball game. The set includes a Pickleball Corner Starter Pickleball Net, which is easy to set up and adjust, and two Pickleball Corner Impact Pro Paddles, which are characterized by their lightness, durability and high performance.

Also included in the set are three Pickleball Corner PC-1 indoor balls and three PC-1 outdoor balls, which are specifically designed for pickleball to ensure a consistent trajectory and durability. The set is completed with a convenient Gymbag that keeps all the pieces safely stored and easy to transport.

With the Pickleball Corner Starter Set you are ready for your first game and can look forward to a successful start into the fascinating world of pickleball sports!