Selkrik AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle

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Weight: Standard
Color: Selkirk Red
Selkrik AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle

The AMPED Epic X5 FiberFlex Paddle combines modern pickleball technology with a traditional shape. The long handle and wide face provide a comfortable feel that is as responsive at the edges as it is in the sweet spot. The head-heavy balance is ideal for players who prefer a similar weighting to a tennis racket. An all-rounder with an exceptionally soft feel, this paddle is one to always have on hand.

Standard Lightweight
Ø Weight: 230 g 213 g
Paddle length:
40 cm 40 cm
Paddle width:
20.23 cm 20.23 cm
Handle length
13.33 cm 13.33 cm
Handle circumference 10.80 cm 10.80 cm


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